Our Services

We offer access to numerous primary issuers and prepaid VISA®️ and MasterCard®️ programs. We help mainly smaller financial institutions obtain a card product under their own brand, typically at a much lower cost than the price traditionally associated with white-label programs. By ordering as few as 1000 cards, smaller financial institutions can also benefit from the advantage of their own major card brand.

Prepaid Credit Card

Perfect for recurring payments and for providing users a reliable access to their money. An everyday useable card that outdo traditional banking. Funds are safe and accessible through the MasterCard and Visa network. Over 30 million locations for spending and withdraw cash.

Virtual Prepaid Cards

No plastic, no problems! Order the virtual card with Blusoftech and use it in your digital bank for any type of online payment immediately. Fast approval for your multi-currency corporate Visa card or virtual master card in EUR, USD, GBP, AED, BRL and other fiat currencies.
With a virtual card platform, we enable instant virtual card issuance.
In today's fast-paced and increasingly online world, Blusoftech has partnership with several processors in the world.

Acquiring solutions

Blusoftech supports Fintech with our modular portfolio of acquiring solutions, supporting all major debit and credit cards, as well as specialized third-party cards, including prepaid, loyalty services. We do local processing in Europe, South America, North America, Asia.
Meet demanding international requirements with our full range of innovative and proven solutions. We help you maintain profitability by redesigning your business model and providing new value-added services.

Payment software licensing

Blusoftech has a team of consultants and lawyers for the most popular payment licenses for Fintech companies. In the European Union there are two non-banking PSP licenses: Payment Institution License (PS License or PSP License) and Electronic Money Institution License or E-money. Both licenses allow the provision of essential payment services that serve a wide range of businesses. However, there are more types of licenses and authorizations. There are Small Payment Institutions (SPI) and Small Electronic Money Institutions (EMI) that are authorized to provide payment services only in the country of registration.

Fraud risk management

We help you to reduce risks, fraud losses and ensure rapid response actions for changes in fraud patterns. We are your partner in the fight against fraud and help to improve the level of accuracy in the identification and prevention of financial crimes. We provide bespoke fraud control solutions because a "one size fits all" approach is no longer sufficient to combat fraud.
We use Jumio for risk analysis.
We rely on online services against unauthorized 3DS access. Our trusted authentication solution provides an easy way to implement strong customer authentication on smartphones or computers. This solution is fully PSD2 compliant and can easily adapt to new developments, authentication principles and regulations.

Contactless Products

Blusoftech offers a wide and complete portfolio of bespoke wearable NFC products, allowing customers to create their own product concepts while managing every aspect of payment, production, delivery and operations from A to Z.
Create bespoke wearables with full payment capability NFC;
Rings, bracelets, clothes, accessories.
Use wearables for events, festivals, stadiums, transportation and reduce payment time. Add non-secure information elements to the device (i.e. Ticketing Access).


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