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We have unique advantages in  Blusoftech Banking White Label: deposit and withdrawal; crypto-fiat; integration with Swift and Sepa; integration with prepaid and digital visa or master cards.

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Multi Currency accounts

Payment card issuing

Web and Mobile banking apps

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Core Banking White Label

Blusoftech Bank Software is the best option on the market. It is a ready to use solution for banks, Electronic Money Institutions (EMI), Payment Institutions, Remittance Companies, Financial Companies, Trust Companies, Savings and Loan Associations, Credit Cooperatives, Forex Companies, Asset Managers, Currency Exchange Cryptocurrencies, and anyone else who manages client funds. Blusoftech offers a complete solution for your Digital Core Banking:

How We Work

Fintech Exclusive Services, User friendly and Innovational

Blusoftech core banking white label is designed to be the most digital user friendly on the market, not only for your end users, but also for you, the administrator. Our system detects and adjusts to the device, screen size and browser, ensuring perfect layout and functionality on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. We can also offer card processing apps, crypto modules and Swift and Sepa. We also have white label apps for iOS and Android.


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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to operate as a digital bank, you must first establish the country of operation.
Each country and region has specific fintech laws.
The best known are:

Traditional licenses support big corporations with large scale operations, such as those with banking branches offering in-person services
Fintech (or virtual) licenses are available to digital-only banks operating solely online to focus on digital customer experiences.

Extended licenses allow a fintech company to partner with a parent bank so that they can operate under their license.

E-money licenses allow companies to offer payment and financial services like transfers and currency exchange, but they don’t allow them to operate as a bank or manage deposits.

  • Specialists – Targeting a specific customer segment with tailored product offerings;
  • Ecosystem players – Leveraging brand, channel footprint, and pre-existing customer base from non-banking services; 
  • Innovative basic banking providers – Offering simple products for everyday banking while using technology for in-depth customer insights and hyper-personalisation.

The system comes with standard modules, but it can be customized according to your business model.

It will be on Blusoftech’s server and security.

White Label is a business model in which the system or service developed by Blustech can be resold by other companies or individuals without disclosing copyright, that is, as if the intelligence behind the product was the brand that resells it. In case the customer wants to buy the code and property, they can contact our sales team.

Yes, you can integrate, the system has the ability to clear and settle at the central bank or connect with correspondent banks.

The basic or advanced system can take 30 to 60 days to be 100% ready, depending on the module chosen by the customer.


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