We take your business to the Next level.

It is through action that life develops and takes on new forms, action is a necessity. And our need to create something new that made us move towards what blusoftech is.
We are here to help you in this new technological world, turning your question into an answer, simplifying what was a maybe into a certainty.
We are here to offer you the best of the digital world, with options that emerged from a great evolution, and this is one of our strengthness.
We are always on the move thinking of new paths where others leave aside.
Now it's your time to turn your need into something possible.


We are not just another software company

Our roots are quality, innovation, capacity and the process of continuous updating in knowledge.
We are a company of highly prepared people to develop cutting-edge projects.
Our software is your best business.
Today softwares and businesses are no longer distinguishable from each other. The vision of one is the vision of the other. It is impossible to separate what is software and what is the business!
Our revolution is not only connecting the future with the present, but also transforming your present into a continuous future.


Blusotech Group


  • BM2 BANK: A project of a private digital bank in Brazil, focused on payments and large corporations.
  • BM2 PAY: Payment system via Blockchain (Nano), the system is being tested in several businesses in Paraguay, the system offers an easy payment, payment via QR code, economic for the logistics provider and customers.
  • NFT: We develop NFT platforms and avatars for your project, art etc..
  • Blusoftech Coin: It's a test coin made on the Etherium, Matic, Tron and Nano network, it's free for customers to try out our technology.

+1 (904) 310-0291


Usa, Portugal, Brazil.