white Label Banking Software
White Label Banking Software

What it is, story, how it works and advantages.

White label banking is an efficient and innovative way to generate value for your company that has been gaining strength and today is the best way to open your own bank, starting with the main exceptional benefits that are low cost in infrastructure and practicality, avoiding any delay in the project.

Possibly, you must have already purchased a product or service developed using this methodology, but you didn’t even know about it.

So you can understand, this solution allows an organization to insert its own brand, visual identity and other customizations in a fully ready technology!

In this article we will explain you better about the whole concept of this white label platform and its advantages.

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Before understanding what white label banking means, you need to be clear that this tool is part of the Banking as a Service, or BaaS, concept — a model that enables the delivery of financial products and services.

A White Label platform allows a company to buy a completely ready-made technological solution, without having to invest efforts and money in this development. Hence this is the great advantage of practicality.

At the same time, the contracting company has complete freedom to customize the product or service, including its own brand and visual identity. In other words, your company uses this technology as if it had developed it.

This solution applies to technological tools, but there are also companies that sell physical products with the same purpose, such as food items, clothing and much more. Making it something super versatile and being adapted and focused on whatever your need is.

The expression WHITE LABEL

This expression emerged in the United States, when recorders began to send renowned discs with their recorded songs to DJs so that the songs could be played on radios and nightclubs.

Due to the success of this initiative, record companies saw an opportunity to test new songs with low investment. From there, they began to produce records with white bands, giving rise to the White Label.

On the internet, the expression white label emerged in 2001 with an electronic commerce, which granted telephone lines so that other companies could sell their own products, for a commission.

Over the years, this format has gained new applications around the world, being used by the most different segments. Since then, these initiatives have become one of the most practical and safe solutions for technology development.

This is how the White Label model emerged, which offers a flexible relationship, with autonomy and freedom so that the contracting company can customize the solution acquired.


In recent years, White Label has gained more and more space in e-commerce.The White Label solution is an opportunity to generate greater value for the brand. Today, these technologies are available in the cloud, facilitating access to information.

1 – Cost reduction

Of course, that advantage would be the first… This is because these technological solutions are developed on a code, which is already pre-built, which allows for a reduction of time and also of efforts for the execution and delivery of the contracted service.

2 – Specialized labor

The specialized labor for the elaboration of the most diverse products or services is essential. So professionals who, consequently, have the know-how to produce the most appropriate technologies for their business model.

3- Ensures the necessary support for your expansion

In addition to developing high quality solutions, these platforms also guarantee all the support you need so you can sell and use your products or services safely and efficiently.

You won’t even need to worry about the technical part of the solution you’ve purchased, since a White Label platform will also be responsible for adjustments, corrections and updates, without having to spend time and resources for this work.

4- Optimization of processes and resources

Your company guarantees optimization of processes and resources; after all, part of the development of the solution is already ready.

With this, it is possible to conduct processes much more agile, since you will not have to wait all those long steps that involve planning, execution, testing, finalization, among others.

5 – Enables agility in the delivery of products and services

White Label platforms guarantee much more agility and efficiency in the delivery of products and services, leaving only a few adaptations according to the needs of your business profile.

6 – Your own brand: packaging or personalized digital interfaces

By opting for this business format, you will be able to use your own brand on the packaging and also in all the interfaces of your company in a personalized way and with your visual concept.

And the best thing is that you don’t have to pay royalties either, since this solution has a White Label format.

7- Freedom to set prices at resale

When partnering with a White Label, it is possible for your brand to define the prices practiced and also the payment methods according to your financial planning.

8- Expansion of the product portfolio

It is possible to expand the product portfolio even further, as the development will be outsourced and you will have the opportunity to have different products being produced at the same time.

This even makes it possible to increase your company’s customers and sales, as you will have a greater supply of items to be sold.


Many entrepreneurs are wondering why they should invest in their own brand with white label service. And the answer is very simple: as we mentioned in the introduction to the text, this business model guarantees numerous advantages, especially when it comes to reducing costs for the creation of products or services with the most different proposals.

 Investing in this type of solution is the certainty of having a qualified workforce that we can guarantee here at BLUSOFTECH, since we have professionals specialized in technology and that we have a wide experience in this sector.

Blusoftech White Label Banking
Blusoftech White Label Banking